Sunflower V

Sunshine is so sexy in red!

What more do you want from a Badd Chic?
She never fails to impress. Check out Sunshine in all of her natural glory!

Sunflower IV

Check out Sunflower's sexy B/W teaser shot! This shows you why she is a Badd Chic!

This Sunflower is definitely a one of a kind!

Sunflower III

Here is Sunflower again in another sexy pose showing off all of her beautiful curves. This thoroughbred of a woman is all legs and 100% sexy!

Sunflower is a certified Badd Chic!

Sunflower II

Sunflower is still at it!

She is thick in all the right places. We can not get enough of her! Houston Texas stand up and show her some love! Sunflower had to come back and give us the reverse angle on this one. This Badd Chic definitely goes hard!


This Badd Chic gets it in!

She is currently somewhere shutting Houston Texas down! She definitely knows how to handle her business and should be considered a prize to anyone she graces with her presence.

Who say's Badd Chics cant be cool and down to earth? She just does her thing and does it well.

Say hello to Sunflower!

The most one of the Baddest Chics you will ever meet!

Krissy Part II

BTBU Badd Chic - Krissy II
Krissy is bangin out!

Check out the diamond princess as she shows off her swagg in black and white.

This lady has the body of a goddess and is the prettiest thing you want to see with two eyes! (four if you need to put on glasses for a better view)

You will have to look long and hard to find another like this!
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